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Curriculum Statement Proposal

How the statement looks like

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Learning Outcomes

These are broad statements of mandatory training results

Key Capabilities

These are the essential skill a trainee must acquire


These are examples that can demonstrate the achievement of Learning Outcomes and Key Capabilities

The statement is divided into 11 domains.

Outcomes and capabilities are listed for basic and higher training separately

There are three elements in the  curriculum statement.

The Eleven Domains

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A trainee is expected to uphold the core competencies and skill expected of medical graduates listed in the “HK Doctor” document (the HKD) published by the MCHK (Latest version October 2017).

In addition, a paediatric trainee is also expected to achieve the outcomes and key capabilities in the 11 domains 

Curriculum and Syllabus are different

Curriculum is made up of specified Learning Outcome and Key Capabilities. It is the backbone of learning. 

Syllabus specifies a scope of knowledge of a certain area of training. Its breadth and depth of acquisition may vary trainee to trainee. If the curriculum is the long bones in a bird's wing, the syllabuses are the feathers.

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