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Domain 10
Education & Training

 HK Doctors Core competence that is mapped to this domain:

Personal development and postgraduate training - Medical graduates should have a positive attitude toward personal development and an acceptance of medical education as a life-long learning process

Basic Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Conduct scheduled learning and teaching activities under guidance.

  2. Be committed to continuing medical education and professional development

Key Capabilities

  1. Deliver case and topic presentations, journal clubs under guidance


  1. Attend scheduled teaching sessions

  2. Attend CME Activities organized by professional societies

  3. Deliver case presentations, journal clubs, grand rounds and other presentation opportunities under supervision and guidance

Higher Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Deliver educational activities to junior trainees and clinical colleagues.

  2. Be committed to life-long continuing medical education and professional development beyond higher training.

Key Capabilities

  1. Debrief and give feedbacks constructively


  1. Deliver tutorials or teaching sessions to peers , interns or nurses

  2. Provide constructive feedback to trainees or peers on educational sessions

  3. Organize and prepare study projects with focused topics

  4. Take part in the debriefing after drills on resuscitation, infection control or patient transport.

  5. Provide constructive feedback to interns or junior colleagues after supervising their performance of ward procedures.

  6. Create educational pamphlets or information leaflets for education of CYP and families.

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