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Domain 11

The College encourages all trainees to undertake research, an essential professional skill that should be acquired to advance the science and clinical practice of Paediatrics.

Basic Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Adopt the Evidence-based Medicine approach in Paediatric medicine

Key Capabilities

  1. Perform literature search

  2. Critically appraise published studies under guidance

  3. Apply basic statistical concepts in appraising published data


  1. Performing literature search for a specific disease or condition using the appropriate search engines and resources.

  2. Critically appraise published studies.

  3. Be knowledgeable of the basic medical statistical methods to interpret clinical studies meaningfully.

  4. Select and present important contemporaneous studies and research during a journal club.

  5. Understand the strengths and weakness of different study methodologies.

Higher Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply the principle of evidence based medicine in clinical decision making process

  2. Generate evidence to address a paediatric problem

Key Capabilities

  1. Complete a project that generates evidence (e.g. research, clinical audit).


  1. Conduct projects, including clinical audit and guidelines development that improves the clinical practice within a department or an organization.  

  2. Apply basic research methodology to complete case reports, retrospective case series or clinical studies that gives new insight in the context of existing body of medical literature.

  3. Demonstrate how published research findings can be applied to influence patient management practices

  4. Understand basic principles in epidemiological studies

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