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Domain 8
Quality Improvement

This domain can be partially mapped to the following competence of the HK Doctors document:

Roles of doctors within the healthcare system - Medical graduates should understand the healthcare system in Hong Kong and the clinical responsibilities and role of a doctor in the society. They should also appreciate the roles of doctors as researchers, mentors, teachers and managers in the system.

Basic Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand quality improvement principles.

Key Capabilities

  1. Understand the concept of audit and CQI projects

  2. Understand the concept and technique in data collection


  1. Apply and evaluate local and national clinical guidelines and protocols in paediatric practice and public health, and recognize the individual patient needs when using them

  2. Apply knowledge of how to access clinical databases and find web-based information for quality improvement

  3. Handle complaints and feedbacks from CYP and families in a constructive manner

Higher Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply knowledge of Quality Improvement to undertake projects and audits to improve clinical effectiveness, patient safety and experience under guidance.

  2. Participate in Quality Improvement projects with other healthcare professionals and facilitates reflective evaluation in relation to QI interventions under guidance.

Key Capabilities

  1. Identify opportunities for quality improvement


  1. Execute a simple quality improvement project using improvement under guidance.

  2. Understand the process of hospital accreditation

  3. Understand the key performance indices in clinical practice of the trainee’s institution.

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