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Domain 5
Health Promotion &
Illness Prevention

HK Doctors Core Competence mapped to this domain:

Health promotion and disease prevention - Medical graduates should know how to make use of every opportunity for health promotion and disease prevention

Basic Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Promote healthy lifestyle and optimal physical and mental development of CYP by giving advice and anticipatory guidance during daily clinical practice.

  2.  Consider the potential impact of cultural, social, religious and economic factors on health promotion and illness prevention of CYP.

Key Capabilities

  1. Promote and advise on childhood vaccination

  2. Promote and advise on breast feeding, infant and young child feeding.

  3. Promote and advise the importance of parenting in child health and development


  1. Discuss with parents about basic parenting skills.

  2. Educate CYP about healthy diet and exercise.

  3. Advise parents to give up smoking

  4. Arrange social and financial support to families in need.

  5. Work with school nurse in advising the care of children in special schools

Higher Training

Learning Objectives

  1. To lead the promotion of health and wellbeing of CYP in different settings, including well CYP and CYP with chronic conditions.

Key Capabilities

  1. Understand the importance of a stable family and good physical health in promoting good mental health

  2.  Understand the impacts of family composition, socio-economic factors and poverty on child health

  3.  Understand strategies and the implications for universal screening e.g. universal hearing screening, metabolic screening.


  1. Counsel CYP on smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs

  2. Counsel CYP and family about accident prevention

  3. Provide sex education to young people

  4. Explain to the young person on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and contraception.

  5. Understand how schooling and medical care can affect each other.

  6. Understand the impact of poverty on child health

  7. Understand broad global issues on child health.

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