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Domain 2

HK Doctors Core Competences mapped to this domain:

Communication - Good communication skills underpin all aspects of the practice of medicine and medical graduates should be able to demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal, written and electronic communication skills.

Medical informatics - Medical graduates should be competent in collecting, storing and using clinical data (from simple record-keeping to accessing and using computer-based data) and incorporate the use of health information technology in the day-to-day care of patients.

Basic Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Build and maintain functional relationships with CYP under one's care through effective communication

  2. Engage in effective bi-directional verbal, non-verbal and written communication with CYP, their families, professionals and agencies in an accurate and respectful manner

Key Capabilities

  1. Develop effective listening skills with social and cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

  2. Keep good and accurate medical records. 

  3. Hand over the care of patients through effective communication. 

  4. Facilitate shared decision making with patients, families and carers. 

  5. Take part in a multi-disciplinary team as a constructive member.


  1. Conduct out-patient clinical consultations and in-patient admissions by gathering and giving important and relevant information.

  2. Document clearly the history, physical findings, decision making process and communication in the medical records

  3. Write clear and effective medical reports, referral and reply letters.

  4. Handover patient care effectively through different means of communication.

  5. Participates effectively in MDT and engages with patients and families/carers, facilitating shared decision-making.

  6. Uses information technology effectively in daily practice

  7. Conduct effective interviews with CYP and families by empathetic listening and encouraging expression of the CYP and family.

Higher Training

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply effective communication skills in difficult settings, including handling complaints, patient interactions involving litigation, advance care plan and end-of-life management

Key Capabilities

  1. Author legal documents and child protection reports

  2.  Foster team work approach and take a leading role in a MDT

  3.  Demonstrate to others how to manage an effective consultation, including communicating a diagnosis and prognosis effectively to children, young people and families


  1. Create accurate and informative written pamphlets or information in a language suitable for the recipients for the purpose of obtaining consent or explaining the management plan

  2. Makes appropriate referrals to statutory and voluntary agencies that provide support to CYP and their families

  3. Write legal documents and child protection reports

  4. Handle delicate communication, like breaking bad news, discussion of end-of-life care, with sensitivity and respect

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