Developmental - Behavioral Paediatrics

Mother and Son
Draft proposed by Dr Florence Lee
Reviewed by Dr Stephen Chan

Essential Skills

Domain 1 Professional Values & Behaviour

Domain 2 Communication

Domain 4 Patient Management

Domain 5 Health promotion and Illness Prevention

Domain 9 Safeguarding

Additional desirable skills are listed in each proposal. These recommended skills are to be acquired as opportunity arises

Basic Training

Normal child development

Understand developmental domains and trajectories, normal variations


Common developmental problems in childhood

  • Global developmental delay / Intellectual Disability

  • Language delay / Developmental language disorder

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and problems

  • Anxiety problems

  • Dyslexia / at risk of dyslexia

  • Physical impairment e.g. cerebral palsy

  • Hearing impairment

  • Visual impairment



  • factors affecting development and common types of disabilities

  • neurological and genetic basis of developmental disorders

  • clinical signs and diagnostic criteria

 Recognize and identify common developmental problems


 Developmental assessment

 Perform developmental screening including hearing and vision screening, and neurodevelopmental examination

 Initiate / make referral for investigation of underlying causes and further assessment/ management

 Advise on initial management


Rehabilitation services in Hong Kong

 General understanding

Higher Training

Common developmental problems in childhood

Understand and identify comorbid conditions

Understand the international classification of function, ICF WHO


Developmental assessment skills

 Recognize common developmental problems and formulate appropriate differential diagnoses

 Know common locally used developmental assessment tools and their interpretation

 Acquire basic disclosure and counseling skills

 Manage simple cases (e.g. language delay, borderline developmental delay)

 Understand multidisciplinary approach in developmental assessment and make appropriate referral for further assessment management for more complex conditions e.g. comorbid, significant delay/ disorder


Rehabilitation services in Hong Kong

 Know local community resources and make appropriate referrals

Desirable skills

  1. Perform some standardized developmental assessment tools e.g. HKCASP, GDS-C

  2. Provide basic parental guidance on parenting, home stimulation etc