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Special Training for Faculty Development
"Workplace-based Training:
from MRCPCH to a Paediatrician"

15 March 2024

2 pm to 6 pm

Jockey Club Hong Kong Academy of Medicine Building

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Relevance of the MRCPCH Clinical Exam Domains to Clinical Practice

Dr Tina Sajjanhar, Senior Examiner of RCPCH, shared the relevance of the domains tested in the MRCPCH Clinical Examination to the Core Competencies of Hong Kong Doctors and the College's New Training Curriculum

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Adult Learning
How to improve the clinial reasoning ability of trainees

Professor Leena Patel, Emeritus Professor of Medical Education, University of Manchester, discussed the difference between adult learning and child learning, the organization of learning and memory, and the essence of clinical reasoning. She also shared the ways to help trainees advance their clinical reasoning ability.

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Facilitating feedback - Feedback Literacy

A short exercise was conducted by Dr SP Wu, Vice President, to look at the feedback process and how to critically look at feedback.

Participants also shared their experience in training.

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