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Case based discussion (CbD)

What is CbD?

CbD is a structured exercise where a trainee discusses a case he encountered, focusing on clinical reasoning, decision making and ethical consideration. It is usually not done in the presence of the actual patients.

The trainee  would present a case to the trainer. The trainer will then ask questions to probe the trainee's application of knowledge, clinical reasoning and professional judgement. They may also discuss areas of uncertainty in management, if  any.

How many types of CbD are there?

There are two kinds. One for General Paediatrics and another specifically designed for Safeguarding (domain 9). 


How long does a CbD usually take?

Typically a General Paediatrics CbD will take 30 minutes, inclusive of feedback time. A Safeguarding CbD will take up to 60 minutes.

How many times need it be done?

The Working Group recommends 1 to 3 Safeguarding CbD in Basic training and another 1 to 3 in Higher training.

Typically a trainee can do about 6 General Paediatrics CbD per year of training, but the Working Group thinks quality is more important than quantity.

Which domains does General Paediatrics CbD assess?

What domains does Safeguarding CbD assess?

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