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Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise
pronounced as "Mini-kegs")

What is MiniCEX?

Developed by the American Board of Internal Medicine, MiniCEX is an exercise where a trainer directly observes a clinical encounter of a trainee in the workplace. A short discussion on the encounter is made, and then a feedback is provided by the assessor. It is an exercise that encourages self-reflection.

What is being evaluated?

The commonest would be history taking, physical examination, management planning and clinical reasoning. Other areas can be assessed too, like communication skills, patient education, safeguarding process, etc.

How much time does a MiniCEX take?

A typical session takes about 20 minutes, but it may vary according to real life situation. It can be initiated by the trainee or the trainer

How many times need it be done? And who are the assessors?

MiniCEX should be done repeatedly to give a full coverage of all domains. We suggest at least 10 to 15 in three years should be done, according to a consensus statement (Buriscot et al, Medical Teacher 33:370-383). It should be done by different assessors on different clinical situations.

How is a MiniCEX recorded?

It is recorded in a one-page form. A draft is provided below.


 Which domains does MiniCEX assess?

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