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Trainer's Report

What is a Trainer's Report?

A trainer's report assesses a trainee's performance in a time period across the 11 competency domains. Both the trainer and the trainee shall discuss the strengths and weakness of the trainee, and decide on a future development plan. 

The report will also tally the number of formative assessments (DOPS, MiniCEX, CbD and PaedMSF) a trainee has completed during the period. 

The report will also allow trainers to notify the College if a trainee has significant difficulty. The College will then offer assistance to the trainee and the training institution. 

Trainers and trainees should discuss the assessment before the report is finalized and submitted. Trainees are encouraged to reflect on the training progress of the period covered by the report. They should put down the development plan for the coming six months under the guidance of the trainer.

The trainee and the assessing trainer should both sign the report. Department chiefs or training supervisors should countersign the final report.


How often should trainer's reports be submitted?

Trainer's reports should be submitted at the end of a training module designated by the training institution. Typically, if a trainee's training has been continuous within the same training institution, a report should be submitted every 6 months. When a trainee finishes an out-of-institution training module  (e.g. 3-month training at Family Health Service, Child Assessment Service, or 6-month elective training in another local or overseas institution), a report should be completed by the trainers of that institution at the end of the training, regardless of duration.

What is the format of the trainer's report?

 Please click the following link to download the form.

Which domains does a trainer report assess?

The trainer's report assesses all 11 domains of competencies

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