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Paediatric Multisource Feedback (PaedMSF)

What is PaedMSF?

The PaedMSF we propose is modified from the Sheffield Peer Review Assessment Tool and the RCPCH Paediatric MSF. It is a systematic assessment of a trainee across a wide range of competences and capabilities by assessors who know the trainee.

Who are the assessors?

At this stage the Working Group propose that only doctors who are in regular encounter with the trainee should complete the PaedMSF (In other countries, all colleagues at work can be the assessors, including nurses, therapists). The assessors can be the trainee's seniors, peers and juniors. The trainee is responsible for nominating the assessors.

How many times need it be done?

The Working Group recommends that PaedMSF should be done annually.

How long does it take to complete an assessment?

The PaedMSF is divided into six parts. Questions are lumped together into six categories. We expect an assessment to be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. You can take a look at the PaedMSF form by clicking the button below.

What if the assessor give biased or potentially damaging feedbacks?

The PaedMSF comes with an instruction requesting all assessors to give constructive feedbacks. Also a minimum of seven replies are required for a valid assessment, thus extreme assessments will balance out each other . Feedbacks are anonymous. A trainee is strongly encouraged to discuss the assessment with his trainers or supervisors. 

Which domains does PaedMSF assess?

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