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Mental health

Raising a Hand
Draft proposed by Dr YK Shiu
Reviewed by Dr S P Wu

Essential Skills

Domain 1 Professional Values & Behaviour

Domain 2 Communication

Domain 4 Patient Management

Domain 5 Health promotion and Illness Prevention

Domain 9 Safeguarding

Additional desirable skills are listed in each proposal. These recommended skills are to be acquired as opportunity arises

Basic Training

Basic Principles of Emotional and Behavioural Development

Understand the basic theories of childhood cognitive and social development, and attachment theory.

Understand the genetic, psychological, familial (parental mental health problems), neurological and socio-economic factors in the mental well-being of children and young persons (CYP). 


Physical illness and mental health

Understand the impact of physical illness on mental health

Determinants of mental well-being

Understand and being able to explain the determinants of mental well-being


Common Childhood behavioural problems

Understand the basic approach to common problems:

Feeding problems, infantile colic

Failure to thrive

Temper tantrums

School refusal

Drug and alcohol problems

Recognises the effects, common presentations and potential for harm of alcohol and other abusive drugs on CYP

Applies knowledge about the addictive potential of alcohol and other drugs to the management of CYP

Recognises the impact of alcohol and drug abuse on child’s mental health

Common mental health conditions

Understand the diagnostic criteria of common mental health conditions:

Attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder

Autistic spectrum disorder



Conduct disorder

Oppositional – defiant disorder

Eating disorder

Deliberate self-harm

Psychosis and Schizephrenia

Early recognition and referral

Desirable skills 

  1. Basic counselling skills 

Higher Training

Dysfunctional parent-child attachment

Understand the impact of violence and abuse on the development and mental health of a CYP

Organic psychiatric disorders

Workup for organic disorders with psychiatric presentations

Functional physical disorders

Approach to helping CYP who present with physical symptoms that have a predominantly psychological substrate

Physical illness and mental health

Offer assessment, counselling and referral when necessary for CYP whose mental health was adversely affected by their physical illness.

Impact of parents and family on mental health

Understand the impact of parental substance abuse and parental mental illness on mental health of CYP

Understand the work of Comprehensive Childhood Developmental Service


Common mental health conditions

 Assess and manage common mental health conditions of CYP.

Attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder

Autistic spectrum disorder



Conduct disorder

Oppositional – defiant disorder

Eating disorder

Deliberate self-harm

Suicidal ideation

Recognise psychiatric disorders that need referral to child psychiatrists for management


Psychosis and Schizophrenia

Assessment of possible organic causes

Desirable skills 

  1. Motivational Interviewing

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